Thursday, 29 December 2016

Raw Material of Key Rings

Hello Customer,

 Today we teach you how to make key ring, so let's start
 We have four type key available here

1. Pvc Round White Key Ring (Print Size 35mm)
2. Pvc Round Black Key Ring (Print Size 35mm)
3. Crystal Round Key Ring (Print Size 35mm)
4. Crystal Square Key Ring
First of all, making design in photoshop or coral draw, If you need to help in designing so please contact admin, our contact details given on our Contact us page.

Once design is ready then go to nearest digital photo lab and make printout, Here's one thing keep in mind, Only Digital lab print required for to apply liquid lamination, If you do simple inkjet print or other then you can face to some difficulties.

Now apply sticker on behind of print, after that cut the print by using 35mm dia cutter machine, After cutting all the prints paste in key ring holder.

Ok now the start work of liquid lamination A+B, Spread all the holder on the surface space.

Now we teach the Liquid lamination A+B system, Keep the following content together.
1. Plastic Red Noke Bottle = 1Pcs
2. Hand Gloves = 1Pair
3. Safety Goggles = 1Pcs
4. Liquid Lamination A
5. Liquid Lamination B
6. Measuring Tub = 2Pcs

Ok Let's now start but first please use hand gloves and goggles compulsory, First take Liquid lamination Part A 60ml on measuring tub 1 and lamination liquid Part B 20ml on measuring tub 2,
Please close bottle Liquid lamination A and B after taking both map. Now take it both A and B to Plastic red noke bottle and mix up to 2 minute, After that you start putting some drop in holder, Now wait 12 hour, Your product ready to sale after 12 to 15 hours.

Thank you!

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