Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Offer Last 2Day Only

Offer Valid to 30 Nov 2017
Shipping charge free against purchase raw material above  amount Rs.10000.
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Monday, 20 November 2017

Winter Offer Valid to 30 Nov 2017

Dear all customers,

Sub:- Winter Offer "Shipping Absolutely Free of Cost" Above Purchase Amount Rs.10000/-

Valid From : 01Nov, 2017
Valid To : 30Nov, 2017

Offer Code: GB10001FC
Who can get Offer: Offer apply on Purchase above Rs.10000/-

If you want to this offer so please contact admin.

Thank you!
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School Belt

Dear customers,

Sub:- Price and description for school belt and raw material

Product Name:- Students Belt
Buckle : Powder Coated
Buckle Color: Lamon
Belt Patti Color:

  1. Navy White Navy
  2. Navy Yellow Navy
  3. Maroon White Maroon
  4. Gray White Gray
  5. Brown Cream Brown
  6. Green White Green
Belt Rate as per size

  • Size 24to32Inch = Rs.16/-Per Belt
  • Size 34to40Inch = Rs.17/-Per Belt
  • Size 42to48Inch = Rs.18/-Per Belt
Price of  Belt Raw Material

  1. Belt Patti = 6/- Mtr
  2. Buckle Powder Coated = 5/- Pcs
  3. Sticker Roll = 50Mtr = 700/-
  4. Liquid Lamination A+B= 2.8Kg = 2200/-
  5. Measuring Tub 2Pcs = 150/-
If you want to purchase material of school belt so please go to our contact us page

Thank You!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

New Round 90mm Card

Dear All Customers,

Sub:- 90mm Round Identity Card Available here

The wonderfull creativity card now available on falguni creation online store, if you want to this so please whatsapp +91 9924420266 or email :

Product Name: 90mm Round Identity Card
Available Color : Red, Green, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White, Transperant
Size: 90mm Dia
Thickness : 2mm
Rate : 100Pcs = Rs.1000/-
How to order : whatsapp +91 9924420266 or email

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Liquid Lamination Pack

Dear all customers,

Sub:- Regarding Liquid Lamination A+B

Winter special Pack 4Kg 6Kg & 8Kg now available here, if you want to best Price so please contact us.

Our contact Details:
Whatsapp : +91 9924420266
Email :

Thank you!

Digital Cloth Badge for Student Uniform